Weekly Runs

* All Saturday runs begin at Church Square Park and end at Maxwell Park, 11th Sinatra (Grab your coffee at Hudson Coffee before heading to the park!) Our standard route covers the Hoboken waterfront. Weekly route will be posted every Friday on Facebook/Instagram (follow us!). Don’t forget your mask!

** We accommodate beginning runners with distances that suit them, and we vary long run distances depending on the training needs and wishes of those who attend.

We assume no liability for any injuries sustained to any person during the course of our runs.

Day Time Meeting Place Distance
Sat* 8:00 am Gazebo, Church Square Park 3-11 miles**
Every 2nd & 4th Thu 6:00 am Inside the gates on Stevens Campus on 6th St Hill Session
 Every 1st & 3rd Thu  6:00 am  Bottom of viaduct near to Trader Joes 14th St & Willow  Hill Sesssion

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